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Undoubtably the best and easiest way to secure your Mac when you're not around.

Using a Bluetooth® connection, Keycard helps keep your Mac locked and secure when you’re not around. Whenever you move 10 meters away from your computer, Keycard automatically locks your computer. When you return, it unlocks. Simple!

Keycard MacBook

Lock and unlock your Mac, effortlessly.

Keycard allows you to pair your iPhone or other Bluetooth® enabled device with your Mac to lock and unlock your computer. It detects when you're leaving your desk, office, or room and automatically locks your computer to ensure it's safe and secure. When you come back it unlocks—magically. You can also lock it by sliding the lock button, but we think that's a lot less cool.

Keycard App and Devices

Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t sweat it.

With Keycard you can pair a whole smorgasbord of devices. Got an iPad or iPod touch? Any Bluetooth® enabled device can act as a "keycard" to your precious Mac.

Incase of emergencies...

Not that you'll ever have one, but just in case. Keycard is built for you to be able to have your own custom 4-digit pin as a fail safe. Say you don't have your device on you or maybe it's dead, lost, or stolen. Good thing we thought about that, right?

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